The Mini Rocket ‘WhatsApp Photo Booth’


This is the worlds first Whatsapp & Instagram Photo Booth. Developed by us and manufactured in South Africa. Suitable for small events, store events, activations, weddings, birthdays etc.


She has the honour of having her own website which you can view here

So how does she work?


She’s a bit of an ‘anti’ photo booth!  Instead of a traditional photo booth in the sense that the machine takes the pics with the Mini Rocket it is your guests who are taking the pics with the phones. They then simply send their pic to our designated Whatsapp number OR they upload to instagram/twitter with your event specific hashtag. Their photo will appear within seconds on the touchscreen interface on the top of the actual unit.

Your guests are then able to select their image via the touchscreen and print straight from the machine.  

Please note.. with the Mini Rocket the prints are totally unlimited always! There is no restriction on how many times your guests can print and we do not charge you an extra hourly rate for unlimited printing! 



The Mini Rocket is powered by a server that is running our custom Whatsapp printing software, as such she does require a good Vodacom network connection at your venue. Please check with the venue before hand that the network is stable. Sometimes there are better places within the venue to situate the Booth depending on the network signal so please also think about that. We will in all cases try to ensure that your photo booth activation is a success but we can not be held liable for a poor signal. If you are unsure or the advice from the venue is that ‘its not great’ then we would suggest hiring one of our other photo booths that don’t require a Network to run. Is your event a Wedding? If so check out our ‘Retro Pod’ or ‘Retro Love Pod’ which are both very popular with brides.

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