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Choosing the Perfect Photo Booth Pose. No Pressure!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Photos capture great moments and make them life-long memories. However, the right pose makes all the difference. You don't want an awkward pose to be the highlight of the photos. If you are hosting an event or your wedding, consider a photo booth hire. Your friends will have lots of fun taking pictures of wild poses. The good thing with a photo booth is you can try multiple times until you get the best shot. So how do you choose the perfect pose? Here are some ideas to get a unique pose.

Get Creative

Your pose should be unique. Remember anything goes! Therefore, let your imaginations run wild. You can go for funny facial expressions or put some action into the photo. For instance, jumping or laughing, a common one is lifting someone. You can imitate famous dance moves to create fabulous poses. The picture should impressively portray your personality. You can also tell a story with your posture. For instance, you can raise your hands and put on a scared expression like you are on a roller coaster ride.

Use Props

Sometimes you don’t have to do anything to get a fantastic pose. All you need is a hat or wings to make the picture interesting. Our photo booth hire always comes with tons of props to use. The props usually come in several themes. You can also create your own. You can use props playfully and creatively to come up with multiple stylish poses. Props work best for someone who is camera shy. They guide and inspire you to have fun while taking photos.

Group Photos

Most photo booths have plenty of space so grab your friends and have some fun. Try out coordinated poses like raising your wine glasses. You can also go for a colour theme using the decors in the event. Posing with many friends boosts the confidence of those who are camera shy. Using props in group photos produces entertaining poses. Imagine ladies with a moustache and glasses making a funny pose, or men in wigs carrying ladies purses.

Consider the Occasion

Your pose should correspond to the event. You don't want to look insensitive with your poses. For instance, in a funeral gathering go for sombre poses not funny facial expressions. If it is a corporate event, your posture should look professional and stylish. Crazy photo poses may not be appropriate and may hurt your image. For weddings grab the bride and the groom for a photo.

Consider The Backdrop

A backdrop highlights the photo subjects perfectly. Choosing the appropriate backdrop for your picture is essential. If you prefer something with lots of colours, it will be the highlight of the image. Consider gold or silver backdrops if you want your pose to standout.

Choosing a pose solely depends on you and how wild your imaginations can be. Next time you are in front of a photo booth don’t be caught off-guard ensure you give a killer pose. Take pictures that capture the moment, and don't be afraid to show ya emotions ;) hit us up for a quote here.


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