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Creative Photo Booth backdrop ideas

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

You’ve decided that you need a photo booth at your next event, but you can’t quite make up your mind about which photo booth to go for or what it should look like!

These days it seems like there is so much to choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming. Do you go for a traditional enclosed booth or do you go for a more modern, free standing option? You know that either way your guests are going to have a lot of fun, but you also want to make sure that they take home a photo that will instantly remind them of your special day. One of the best ways to ensure that your photo booth is unique to your event is to have a backdrop that ties in with your theme or venue.

The great thing about backdrops is that you can really get creative, or not, depending on the impact that you’re hoping to achieve. The other great thing is that having a unique backdrop does not have to cost you much at all especially if you’re using an already made feature wall or a scenic view, or you are able to make it yourself!

There is literally a ton of inspiration online from really elaborate backdrops to professional sets to the simplest of cardboard cut out frames. If you think you might like to try your hand at making your own, then we highly recommend checking out the following link from Buzzfeed for some of the coolest DIY backdrop ideas we’ve seen online.

Before you rush off though and buy fabric and flowers and all sorts of haberdashery, we suggest that you make sure you know exactly where you would like the photo booth to go at your venue. Using a free-standing style photo booth that is not enclosed is really the way to go if you’re using a fun backdrop or set.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on where to position your photo booth and place the backdrop.

Here are some points that we think will help:

⦾ Always have a look around your venue first to see if there is already an ideal backdrop available to use. Some venues have feature walls or period features that can make lovely backdrops.

⦾ If your booth is going outdoors sometimes it’s best to use what nature has provided such as a beautiful garden or scenic view with a frame. Just be aware of the lighting throughout the day as this might affect how the backdrop is captured in the photo.

⦾ Being outdoors also means being exposed to the weather so if you’re using a fabric backdrop make sure that it can be secured either on a frame or wall to avoid it being damaged or blowing away.

⦾ Make sure that there is a space around your backdrop or set. A good booth operator will also position the camera the correct distance from where guests will be standing, to ensure that you don’t get photo bombers or other random goings on being captured in the photos.

⦾ If the photo booth is going inside it’s best to have a designated area to set up to avoid the above scenario happening indoors!

⦾ Pick a spot with a solid wall to ensure that no lighting can shine through the back of the drop.

⦾ If you are sticking the back drop directly to the wall, make sure that you use an adhesive that will hold your fabric as you don’t want the backdrop collapsing half way through everyone’s photos. We recommend using a frame as opposed to sticking anything to a wall!

⦾ As with outdoors, ensure that the distance between the backdrop and the camera is just right to avoid capturing anything on the side-lines that is not part of the set.

If you are not a DIY-er and would prefer someone else to use up their creative juices, then there are some amazing backdrops that you can have custom made. Some of our favourites include:

Fresh flower walls

Balloon walls

Grass walls

Vertical gardens

Custom set design (sky’s the limit here with what you can create)

Graffiti walls

Photo mosaic walls

Wooden pallet walls

Fairy light drops

We couldn’t finish off without mentioning green screen. Although it’s nothing new on the photo booth scene, green screen technology really does enable you to have any backdrop or background that you want and is often an affordable add-on to your photo booth hire package.

Green screen is particularly good when your venue doesn’t have many options for creating a set or suitable area. What is green screen technology? It is quite simply a green backdrop but, the software in the photo booth can be programmed to use a digital overlay when taking the photo that can make it appear as if you are anywhere in the world.

Maybe you’ve seen a photo of someone standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or the infamous Las Vegas neon sign, but you know they’ve never actually been there, that’s what green screen does! The only downside is that you must make sure that you don’t use any green props or that nobody is wearing anything green as this won’t come out in the photos.

Most photo booth companies will have a choice of backdrops these days and often plain backdrops can be added at no additional cost so make sure you enquire before going out and spending a whole lot on something being made when all you need to do is add a few design props.

Always ask what is included in your hire package as some companies may advertise a photo booth with a picture that shows a backdrop but isn’t part of the deal.

Remember when picking colours that you don’t want to choose something that guests will blend in to. The same goes for any design props that you use for example choosing white paper roses to go on top of a white fabric backdrop is not going to have much of an effect in a photo although might look pretty in real life.

The same goes for other props that you use, these should be big enough to stand out and if you have a frame with writing or chalk boards with writing, make sure it’s legible in the actual photo print.


We believe in the saying “less is more”. Sometimes the more simplistic the backdrop, the more impact that it has and always try to use elements that tie in with your venue and location as these are often more readily available.

We think that having a unique backdrop is essential for creating a truly memorable photo booth experience and one that you and your guests will not forget.

If you're interested in hiring an open style Booth from us to go with your backdrop send us a quick email to:


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