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Photo Booths Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Whether it’s at a tradeshow, event, or inside your business premises, a photo booth can offer a range of unique and cost-effective ways of engaging with the public and marketing your brand. But why do photo booths work so well as a PR tool and what are the main benefits of incorporating one into your marketing strategy? Join us as we take a look!

Stand out from the crowd

If you are at a trade show or an event with many similar businesses around you, then getting people to notice your brand can be a challenge. A photo booth stands out and grabs the attention of passers-by, and with custom branding options, your photo booth can be wrapped with your brand's logo for even greater visibility.

Break the ice

Having a photo booth on site not only attracts attention but gives your guests or event attendees a chance to relax and enjoy themselves. A photo booth provides the ideal opportunity to start conversations naturally, making networking easy and allowing you to create lasting connections.

By creating a fun, lighthearted atmosphere, people will be more relaxed and be more inclined to stay and talk about your brand. They will also be more amenable to sharing their contact details, especially if they feel they are getting something of value in return.

Create long-term relationships with your audience

One often overlooked benefit of a modern high-tech photo booth is that it provides an opportunity to collect users contact information. When sharing their photographs on social media, a collection form can be used to allow users to provide their name and email address and opt-in to your newsletter, allowing you to contact them in the future.

Go viral

With research showing that photos on Facebook receive on average 55% more likes and engagement than standard posts, incorporating a photo booth into your next event could lead to your online presence skyrocketing.

There are few more effective ways of promoting your brand or product than a strong social media buzz. People having fun, interacting with your brand and then sharing that experience on social media increases your brand visibility, builds a community of people who enjoy and discuss your brand, and opens up more opportunities to engage with your customers.

Custom hashtags and the ability to share photographs from your photo booth straight to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter allows your customers or guests to instantly get the word out there about your brand and event.

Make a lasting impression

If you want to ensure that your brand stays at the front of your visitor's minds, then a printed picture souvenir can be a great way to make a lasting impression. With instant printing available, guests are able to collect their photo instantly, taking away great memories of their interaction with you.

As you can see, in these competitive times, incorporating a photo booth into your marketing plan can really give you the edge when it comes to boosting brand awareness and engagement. Contact us today to find out more about our range of photo booths and what they can do for your business.


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