For the love of GIF


Branding options include Banner wall, Software screen, booth vinyl branding and animation overlay.


Users take up to 6 photos with one of our devices which are then merged to form a GIF.


The GIFs are then Emailed/SMS'd straight to the users device ready to be shared on social media


Real time event coverage as your guests upload to their preferred social media channels.

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a sequence of images that have strung together that then loop in order to form an animated effect.

The pronunciation of the word is a heavily debated topic, the creators of the format however say the ‘G’ is supposed to be a soft g and therefore pronounced ‘JIF’.  At Propel however we choose to pronounce it ‘GIF’ (with a hard ‘G’) you know, cause thats how it should be pronounced  ;)

How does a GIF photo booth work?

The photo booth takes a sequence of photos. It quickly formats them into a sequence to produce an animated GIF or video.

For uploading, to Instagram, the software uses the .mp4 format as this is currently the only way to upload GIF’s to their platform. Users are then able to email the Instagram ready GIF to themselves and can then upload it from their device. 

The GIF ‘add-on’ for your Party or Wedding

Adding on GIFS to your existing photo booth is a great way to capture and animate your guests!

They can also be converted to .mp4 so that they are ready for sharing via Instagram. Your guests would then simply email or SMS the GIF to their device and upload to social media straight from there.  

GIFS for brand activations 

Using GIFS for your brand activation is a great way to increase your social media exposure.

People are far more likely to share content that is animated.  In fact, 83% of Instagrammers say they discover new products and services on Instagram. 

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